5 Ways Make Your Old Android Smartphone Feel New

Old Android Droid XDoes your old Android Phone lag and glitch like crazy? Do you still have months to go before your contract is up and you can renew? Perhaps you’re just board of your current mobile device and want something that feels fresh and new? Here are 5 tips to make your old, decrepit phone feel new(ish) again.

1. Uninstall Old Apps

Just like we all try to do every spring and clean out our garages, closets and attics of stuff we don’t use anymore, so to should you periodically purge your phone of all the apps you aren’t using. They take up storage space on your phone, clutter your home screen and sometimes soak up CPU cycles on your phone. This is because some apps run in the background and take up system resources. This will cause your phone to stutter and lag. Good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used the app in the past month, you should really consider uninstalling it. Don’t worry, even if you paid money for the app you can download it later without having to buy it again. All app purchases are backed up to your Google account.

2. Install New Apps

Maybe you’re simply board of your old twitter client, or maybe you need a new calendar widget. Either way, there are lots of beautiful Android apps out there that will make your day-to-day interaction with your phone feel fresh. Check out this recent post on our favorite free default Android app replacements. You’re sure to find something there you like.

3. Buy a Case

Has your phone or current case gotten old and scratched up? Are you not so hot on the pink zebra stripe you thought was so cool 9 months ago? Consider buying a new case. Sure it’s only superficial but your phone will at least look newer. Amazon has literally hundreds of thousands of cases.

4. Factory Reset Your Phone

This more drastic measure literally resets your Android phone to how it was before you cluttered it up with apps and media. The factory reset option is buried somewhere in your system settings. Every manufacturer puts it in a slightly different spot so it might take a little digging. But remember to back up your phone first! This means, download all your photos and videos and anything else you want to save to your computer first. Resetting your phone will delete EVERYTHING on your phone. After the process is over, only the apps that originally came with your phone will be there. While it may be a hassle to set everything up again, your phone will run smoother. Until you clutter it up again.

5. Install a New ROM

This next one is only for those people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and install a homebrew version of Android on their phone. This will void your warranty. So proceed at your own risk. That being said, there are numerous guides on how to root and ROM your phone and literally customize every aspect of it. A good place to start is the Android Central Forums. There are lots of friendly (most of them, it is the internet after all) people there that will get you started on the right path.  Keep in mind this will void your warranty. Then again, what good is your phone if it barely works in the first place. Nothing good comes without a little risk.


What other tips do you have for making your old phone feel new? Please post your comments and ideas below!


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