iPhone 5 Sells Out, Apple Continues to Troll the Media and I Rant a Little Bit

So in case you haven’t heard. The iPhone 5 sold out in an hour. Are you surprised? No. Is this worth more than a single 140 character tweet? No, except for the fact that it’s the iPhone 5. Does the media (including PsikTech) go scramble to write articles about it? Yup. Why? Because it’s an iPhone.
The iPhone 5 is being described as a disappointment in the tech media based on initial impressions. There is no NFC support, no wireless charging, no improvements to the design of the user interface, the chassis looks pretty much the same and frankly, it’s gotten kinda boring. Yet it sells out. Why? Because it’s an iPhone.

This happens every year during iPhone season. Apple posts the new iPhone online for pre-order, the iPhone sells out. This year is no different. Now there will inevitably be the iconic long lines at the Apple stores and every po-dunk local news crew will send someone out to cover the “story”. Why is people standing in line for hours for the iPhone 5 newsworthy? Is it because it looks like a something from the Soviet Union when people had to wait for hours just to get some potatoes and it says something about our cultural and societal priorities? No. It’s because it’s the iPhone.
It stands to reason that Apple, with their ginormous mountain of cash, would be able to find an analyst that could effectively forecast demand. The conspiracy theorist in me believes that Apple manufactures the shortage in order to maintain hype as long as possible. Now that the ship date has been pushed out two weeks, expect to see your twitter stream flooded with people complaining about how they want their iPhone 5 now. Also expect the tech media to make a big deal about the ship date slipping to just one week. Why? Because it’s iPhone.
Despite us all of us knowing this already we still read the stories, and have our flame wars in the comment threads as we wave our banners for or against the big A. Why? Do I even have to ask?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going after Apple and the iPhone because I’m an Apple hater. I’m not. Their hardware design is impeccable. They deliver hands down the best customer service experience in the industry. Their closed ecosystem allows for a tighter integration for their products. As much as I now hate the phrase, their stuff “just works”.

We are simply stuck in a loop of Apple-philia. Any development from Apple or their products, no matter how slight is newsworthy. Not because of any particular newsworthiness, no, it’s because it’s an iPhone.


Kenny Larson
Onetime Apple/Android/Windows fanboy. Now a firm agnostic when it comes to OS. They all suck in their own special way.

"Be excellent to each other."
--Bill & Ted

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