iPhone 5 is Wicked Fast, Still Slower than Samsung Galaxy S III

The iPhone 5 is not the fastest phone out there.

Geekbench posted some wicked fast scores for the new iPhone 5, which shows that the new A6 processor is a definite upgrade over the older A5 processor of the iPhone 4s. But it is still slower than the Samsung Galaxy S III

Posting a score of 1601 on Geekbench, the iPhone 5 is more than 2.5 times faster than the 629 score posted by the iPhone 4s. However the Exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy S III posted a score of 1723, a whole 122 points faster.
For the average person benchmark scores don’t really mean a whole lot. As long as the user interface seems moves speedily enough, most people won’t notice the much of a difference other than it is ‘faster’.
It makes me wonder how the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will score once Geekbench gets a hold of it. Now that it looks like the Galaxy Note 2 will be on multiple carriers, including Verizon, and the Galaxy S IV will likely launch within the next 6 months, the iPhone 5 looks to have some stiff competition.
Kenny Larson
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