iOS 6 Maps Are Crap and Nokia Makes Some Hay

By now you’ve heard the news, Apple’s new maps app in iOS 6 is crap. A quick search in the Apple Support Communities will reveal scores of people complaining about one of the “Jewels” of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Well Apple, you screwed the pooch on this one, now fix it.

Nokia on the other hand, is having a fantastic time with Apple’s newest set of woes. I expect an SNL skit on “Map-Gate” or “Mapple-Gate” shortly. Read more to see Nokia’s response.
Even though I critisized Nokia in a recent blog post about their inability to really excite people about the Lumia 920, I may have spoken too soon. This fiasco with iOS 6 Maps will be hard to shut down. It’s in the public eye in a big way.
Nokia  released the following image comparing navigation capabilities of the Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S 3 and the iPhone 5. You can also find it on their Facebook Page.

While Windows Phone 8 does have some drawbacks, I expect that it will start doing remarkably well once RIM finally kicks the bucket.

So what say you? When it comes to mapping who is better in the three way Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III battle?

Kenny Larson
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