HOT: Nokia Lumia 920 Could Be Coming To Verizon

NokiaPowerUser is reporting that there is good chance that the Nokia Lumia 920 will in fact be on Verizon.

This will make lots of Windows 8 fans happy and could potentially be the break that Nokia needs to make it big in the U.S. It looks like this phone may be coming sometime in November. This could be a banner year for Nokia if the rumor that a variant of the Lumia 820 will also appear for Verizon.  Windows 8 desperately needs to make a big showing on Verizon. Big Red is simply too big for manufacturers to ignore. 
This is a brand new leak so details are scarce, I will update you as information becomes available.
Kenny Larson
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    1. People who are bored of both Android and iOS tend to find the WP8 interface rather fetching. Also, wireless charging, better camera and Nokia Maps which are hands down the best maps in the mobile space. Plus Nokia phones tend to be pretty impressive in the hand.

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