Hell May Be Freezing: Nokia Coming To Verizon?

Lumia 820 on Verizon? A recent leaked screenshot suggests the possibility.

So it looks like Big Red may in fact, be adding a Lumia 822 to it’s lineup very soon. Looks like NokiaPowerUser posted a screenshot about this mystery Nokia device appearing in Verizon’s device management system.

Out of respect for NokiaPowerUser I’ve decided to let them host the screenshot, so you’ll need to head over there to see it. That is if you’re into screenshots of database lists….

it looks like Nokia is going to make a CDMA version of the Lumia 820. While it isn’t the Lumia 920 with it’s purportedly awesome Pureview camera, it is a step in the right direction.   Nokia must make Verizon a significant part of their comeback strategy if they want to regain footing in the United States. AT&T has a bit of a bad reputation in certain tech circles and from my own anecdotal evidence, that feeling has spread to parts of the general public.

So what do you think? Would you switch to Windows Phone 8 for a Verizon version of the Nokia Lumia 820?

Kenny Larson
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