Google Gives Nexus 4 Owners More Official Accessories

Nexus 4 owners that are REALLY into keeping everything Google can now purchase Official Nexus 4 earphones, usb cables and chargers from the Google Play store.


The earphones look pretty cool and feature an inline remote/mic. Part of me wonders if Google wants to create a headphone that becomes as iconic as Apple’s white earphones. I will be ordering a pair of these and let you know if they are worth the $19.99 they cost.

UPDATE: I just ordered these and Google is charging $5.99 for two-day shipping. Also, Google seems to be having problems processing orders for these. Proceed with caution.

USB Cable

The usb cable is just that. A usb cable. Nothing fancy other than it exactly matches the cable that came with your Nexus 4. One problem. It’s $10. No thanks. I think I’d rather pick on up on Amazon for $4.

Power Adapter

The power adapter is also listed at reasonable $15.99. I will admit that sometimes I charge my Nexus 4 with my Nexus 7 adapter (especially while traveling) but I like the compactness of the official Nexus 4 charger.
If you’re in the market for any of these hit the links below.
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