Deal Alert: 128gb SD Card for $89.99

I remember back in the day when I bough my first 256mb SD card for my first digital camera. I paid $40 for that thing and thought I had more than plenty of space. Well look at this, a $89.99 deal on a 128gb SD card that could back up my first SD card 512 times! This card is Class 10 as well. 

Other 128gb SD cards sell on Amazon for more than $125. So shaving off $35 is a pretty good price. If you want this card head over to 1saleaday and pick it up. So if you have a fancy new DSLR that takes huge raw files or have simply want to keep your movie library with you all the time in one compact place (think tablets) this may be the card for you. 
Kenny Larson
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