Beautiful Ubuntu Phone OS Demoed

The current mobile os market is a duopoly. The vast majority of smartphone users fall into either the iOS or Android camps. Windows Phone is slow making headway but they are still a very small blip on the screen. Enter Ubuntu Phone OS.  The interface looks beautiful and if it performs as promised, looks to be a clean, easy to use and zippy option for those looking for something other than Android and iOS. Expect to see a lot of sites posting about this over the next few weeks. Especially with CES being just around the corner. Here is the official demo video. If you want to just see the phone demo, skip to 6:30. So what do you think? Will this be the next hot OS? Will it be the one that does to Android what Android did to iOS? Watch the video let us know in the comments below.

Kenny Larson
Onetime Apple/Android/Windows fanboy. Now a firm agnostic when it comes to OS. They all suck in their own special way.

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