AT&T to Announce New Prepaid Plans

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AT&T to start compelling prepaid service?

According to FierceWireless AT&T is planning to roll out ‘All-in-One’ prepaid plans on June 15. Prices will be $35/month for dumbphones and $50 and $70 smartphone plans. The $50 plan will coming with 2GB of HSPA (3G) data and the $70 will come with 5GB of HSPA data.

If true, then it means that T-Mobile may have indeed started something. Also, Verizon will be forced to follow suit as well. Then again, this is just a rumor and something tells me that AT&T will find a way to screw  consumers over. Remember, Americans pay more than three times what other countries pay for their mobile service.

 Prepaid is the way to go and I am keeping my fingers crossed that AT&T decides to make a break with the current duopoly.

Source: FierceWireless

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