Apple to Make 4.7" & 5.7" phone? I Don’t Think So

Hailing from RumorLand across the sea the Internet is abuzz today about a Reuters report that Apple is looking into making an iPhone with larger 4.7″ and 5.7″ screens. While a 4.7″ phone is plausible, don’t expect any phablet love (that sounds dirty) from Cupertino Club.
At 4″ the iPhone has the smallest screen size among all top end smart phones. Apple’s dogmatic stance that anything larger than 4″ is too big will probably fall in the next year or so. At 4.7″, the Nexus 4 is an ideal screen size. It is large enough to make digital content immersive, but no so large that hipsters can’t fit one into the front pocket of their skinny jeans. That being said, I don’t expect to see a larger screened iPhone until Fall of 2014. Think about it. We are on the spec-bump part of the iPhone cycle and Apple barely introduced the 4″ screen. It would be major bad juju for Apple to introduce a wholly new phone this year. The 4.7″ screen will be here next year, if at all. Mark my words.

As for a 5.7″ phone…fuhgeddaboudit. Here’s the problem. The iPad mini and Apple is no Samsung. Apple has a conundrum in that a phablet would encroach too much on the tablet space. Apple is about creating wonderful experiences. As much of a cult following as the Note II has, it is a unique niche device. Apple wants to create the best experience for the most amount of people. They don’t cater to consumers, they tell consumers what they want and then consumers buy it. Even beyond that, my gut tells me this will never happen and I bet yours does too.
So what do you think? Is a 5.7″ iPhone in the works? What about a 4.7″ iPhone?

Source: Reuters 

Kenny Larson
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