Android Live Wallpaper Review: Circuit Board LW (free)

Normally, I am not a huge fan of live wallpapers on Android. Sure they can be kind of cool but they used to be resource hogs and many are gaudy or generally plain ugly. I have finally found a wallpaper that is both aesthetically pleasing and hasn’t slowed down my Nexus 4 at all.

Enter Circuit Board LWP (free). Your wallpaper becomes a blue circuit board with glowing blue circuits. Glowing, fuzzy ball float from the right to left side of the screen. I find the whole thing very attractive and unobtrusive. There is a paid version for $0.99 if you want the ability to customize colors and a host of other options.

A quick check in my settings reveals that the app is taking up 29mb. It is less than what Facebook is currently taking up. My Nexus 4 holds up like a champ. 

Sadly, I don’t have my video recording capabilities up yet so I can’t provide a video demo. It’s free so it doesn’t hurt for you to download it and check it out yourself. Click the ‘Play Link’ below to go to the play store and see the app for yourself.

Play Link

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