A Day with Feedly (Guest Post)

Guest post by Erik Larson

This morning, I woke up a little early, and staring at a screen seems to wake me up. First thing I do is click Feedly. First thing I read is about the Supreme Court meeting, next the Amanda Knox trial possibly being reopened, and then a human interest story from here in Salt Lake. That’s just the News section. I swipe down and find out that the Duck Tales game is being remade, and I watch the trailer for it inside the app, and maybe sing along to the theme. After a few more video game stories I look at my customized feeds for Gadgets, and a couple stories in I realize I’m going to be late for work. I close the app and get ready.
I’m eating my lunch and decide to open the app again, reading about some PlayStation 4 specs. I read a few more articles before I have to go in. 
I’m at work and managing our social media, I open up Feedly in Chrome, and I go to my Work section. I’ve collected several news sources that have interesting articles about my industry, and I post a few of the links from there to our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. 
In the evening, when I’m waiting for my friends to meet me up with me, I open up the app and read an article about an L.A. Ad-Tech company holding kitten races in it’s office, and decide to tweet it. Two taps later and it’s sent.
Before I go to bed, I’m reading a lengthy article about the biggest cyber-attack in history on Mashable. I get tired halfway through, but I want to read it later. I tap the bookmark, and it’s saved, I’ll read the rest tomorrow. 
Being a voracious reader, I have tried almost every single news aggregating app out there, and I can tell you, for me, Feedly is the best. It loads quickly, it easy to use, the UI is simple and clean, and it’s easily customizable.
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