Superman: Doomsday Review

Watched on the projector in my room. Nerd heaven.

WB animation movies are an interesting bunch. While the animation is cartoonish and saturday morning-ish, the subject matter is far from it. And it does an amazing job at it. Superman; Doomsday is no exception.

Every death isn’t averted, and the criminals are as villainous and heinous as they are in the comics. This makes it great subject material, because you never know just what’s going to happen. The suspense and fear is still there. If you’ve ever seen Dark Knight, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Lex Luthor isn’t the quirky bald guy seen in the earlier movies. He kills, coldly and methodically.

I won’t share anymore with you, because it’s dark, amazing, and a great story. It’s available for free on Amazon Prime, click here for a free trial. 

OK one spoiler. There’s lot’s of smashing.

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