Never. Doubt. Nintendo.

Well, well, well, what do we have here. After months of nay-saying, and doubting, and complaining, Nintendo’s current gen consoles may have found their day.


0b30dfd3a25645a604e4ed6d4a9adb3e-98 Super Mario 3D world is killing it on reviews.


bbb4de1f9431f3df4445ab7600c39c05-98 As is Link Between Worlds.

And Brian Barrett from Gizmodo is saying, he’s getting a Wii U. 

Now I know the Wii U has a long way to go, but with the next Mario Kart and Smash Bro’s coming out soon, I think we may see a late bloomer in the Wii U. As an avid Nintendo fan, I sure hope so.

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