Kickstarter Interviews: Juul Arthur Ribe Rudihagen of Magination

Here at GFTN, we like to interview Kickstarter creators about their game and their game design process. I had the opportunity to interview Juul Arthur Ribe Rudihagen, CTO of Magination, a new game being funded on Kickstarter.

What inspired you to create this game?
The idea behind Magination started three years ago with Tobias playing with some coin magnets he got from an online store. Fascinated by the way they could push each other, he went to his roommate Juul Arthur to show them off. Playing with magnets became a hobby, and Magination was born. When Hanna joined, things started to really move along as Magination evolved into a platform for creativity, rather than a game. The joy of creating and experimenting have been cornerstones for the team, and what has inspired us to create Magination. We feel that a lot of games today restrict the user on how they should be used or played, and wanted to give people the opportunity to play and experiment with their own creativity. This way, Magination is a game that will constantly evolve, and has the possibility to be enjoyed for countless of hours.

2dc709fb9e403162bc4ee9a6abadcf56_originalHow did you get into game design?
Well, we have always played a lot of board games and video games ourself. Juul Arthur is the gamer, and have played countless of video games since he was really young. When playing games, we always had these ideas how we wanted a perfect game to be, or how we could modify the games to make them better. One day we finally found the concept that could let everybody with the same thoughts, be able to create games the way they wanted. Since playing games is one of our greatest hobbies, being able to work with your passion seemed like something we couldn’t let go. So we decided to try and make this game. When we showed it to others, the response was overwhelming. That was when we decided we wanted to work with making this game.

What are you most excited about with this game?
There as so many things we are passionate about with our game, but there are mainly two things we want to achieve. Creating a game where people can be creative and modify the the way they want, is something that we think is really exciting. We love when we are showing the game to others, and they suddenly come up with this awesome idea for a game. Suddenly we have completely new ways to enjoy Magination, and we constantly find new ways to get hours of fun. The other part we are really excited about is creating a game together with all our users. As we want people to be able to create their own games, it is important that they have some way of sharing this with each other. So we are creating an online community where Magination can evolve. This is where user find new ideas for the game, share them and rate games others have create. We also want the users to decide the future of Magination. They will decide what the new pieces will be, what the new colors should be etc. We want to be the platform where all the users are in charge. And of course we are excited about magnets!

team magination

Do you see this becoming a game franchise, or is this just a one-off Kickstarter?
We definitely believe that this is not just a one-off Kickstarter. As we said we want the users to be able to decide the development of the game, and we are constantly going to work with it further. Since the Magination is so open, there are a lot of different directions we can take, and we will make sure the game is constantly under development. There will be a lot of new games, pieces and colors and we also have many great ideas for other things we want to include as well. This is just the start!

How would you reassure backers that are nervous about Kickstarter projects?
We have worked with this game for a long time before releasing it on Kickstarter. It was important for us that when we released it, we could be sure that we would be able to deliver. We have worked for years making sure we have everything we need for production, and that our pieces are of high quality and are safe to use. Now we only need the funds to start production, and then we are ready to start producing and start shipping to all our backers. We are a highly motivated team with a passion for what we do, and you can be sure we will do everything to share our passion with the world.

What would you tell people that are on the fence about this game?
Many games you buy, play them a couple of times and then you get bored. Since there are so many ways to use Magination, this is a game you can play for a long time. When you are tired of one game you can simply find another, and there always seems to be some way to use Magination that fits for everyone. Even if you don’t want to come up with new games yourself, you can simply play all of the games other users are coming up with. Schools have bought Magination to use them in education on magnetism in a fun way, smaller children like to cooperative and create magnificent things while the older players love playing competitive games in teams. Worst case if you don’t find any game that suits you, you will still have the most awesome fridge magnets in your block! And of course, whether you’re feeling positive or negative to this game, the magnets will still attract you!

To find out more about Magination, you can visit their Kickstarter page here.

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