Gryphon Knight Epic- Infuriating and FUN

Anger, hate, rage. Three emotions that were constantly flashing through my mind while playing this game. Happiness was also present, but only when I finally killed some crocodile creature that kept HITTING ME WITH SPEARS! Swarms of mosquitos kept coming in waves, their sole purpose: to slowly kill and enrage you, mocking you with their oh-so-sweet thwap against Sir Oliver, hurting him, maiming him with each hit. Also, once you hit the water you start to experience the sweet pain of red fish JUMPING OUT OF WATER to hit you… (Note: The carnivorous venus fly trap creatures are no fun either…).


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All of these emotions, this hate and self-loathing are because I, being of “PC Master Race” blood, decided to go with normal difficulty because the thought ‘How hard can normal be, I mean it is NORMAL after all’ passed through my mind…

Oh Noes! I died… yet again… for the umpteenth time…

Gryphon Knight Epic is a game created by Cyber Rhino Studios and released earlier this year (April 20, 2015) on Steam. It is a beautiful looking retro style game, complete with a lack of any mouse controls. Relying on a keyboard only is a strange thing to me, as every game I own uses a mouse for something or another. It was a bold move, (at least to me) to go with just keyboard controls. The controls are a bit hard to get at first, but once you get the hang of them they are very intuitive and clean, allowing for relatively easy manipulation of Sir Oliver and Aquila, the main characters of the game.


The story centers around Sir Oliver and his trusty steed, Aquila. Together they bring down dragons, crazy people who have become power hungry and strange creatures the likes of which have probably been seen before. Your story begins 3 years prior to the events in the game, when you take down a dragon with some allies, save and marry the princess and get some old amulet. Fast forward to three years later, with your character reminiscing about the “golden days”, possessing “a belly” and dreaming about the past a little too hard, when your wife sends you to get some food for dinner, a simple task that would “change his fate forever”.

You face a dark version of yourself at the end of the tutorial, only to have him disappear…

I Beat Him! Finally

As infuriating as this game is to play at times, it has merit. It is a good game, full of a decent story, nice retro cutscenes, and the busts of joy and happiness when you finally defeat a boss. It is a decent game which deserves credit where credit is due. It looks nice, it plays okay and it hearkens back to a less complicated time, where graphics, though primitive, could still look very nice. Overall, Gryphon Knight Epic is a great game that can get on your nerves, but, then again, most games do just that.

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