DEFCON-Nuke Your Neighbors

The ruthless dictator of South America ordered a strike against a carrier task force in the South Atlantic. Africa retaliated swiftly to this unprovoked attack on their peaceful nation with an assault on enemy military bases involving bombers with fighter wing escorts. Africa’s bomber squadrons wreaked havoc on American military bases, razing all of them with an unrelenting bombardment of atomic bombs. The dictator, knowing he had only one chance, launched a surprise attack from his subs on not only African bases, but the cities full of innocents as well. Two missiles slipped through African airspace and destroyed the most vital parts in their defense network. They are now wide open, and the other nations take notice….

Oh, look! A rainbow! OF DEATH.
Oh, look! A rainbow! OF DEATH.

DEFCON, a game developed by Introversion Software, was inspired by the movie WarGames and centers on a world that slowly descends into madness, military forces escalating from peacetime to nuclear war. You play as a military commander, placing missile silos and anti-aircraft stations, creating and deploy fleets of ships, building airfields, and situating radar stations to cover key areas. You totally control the military forces and decide where they need to be stationed, when they need to be moved and what targets will they fire upon. You also choose when you want to attack other nations, what strategy that you will use and where the first strike will be directed. There are many different modes to choose from, from Diplomacy mode to Office Mode, Speed Defcon and Tournament Mode. There are almost infinite ways to play.

I'm no expert, but I think Europe is losing.
I’m no expert, but I think Europe is losing.

For instance, my favorite mode is Diplomacy. Everyone starts off on the same team, sharing radar data and not firing on one another. You get to chat with the other people, drawing up boundaries, “do not cross” areas and other rules. You get to make decisions on what alliances you will make with others. You feel like you are actually the leader of a country, and you alone decide the fate of your nation. I love that feeling of being the person to defend your “citizens” from the inevitable onslaught of nuclear weapons. I love being able to draw up peace agreements between other nations and I chase the opportunities to befriend nearby nations, so that they will take longer to make the decision to nuke me or not.

Oh no! Those shapes are getting nearer to those other shapes!
Oh no! Those shapes are getting nearer to those other shapes!

If you have ever wanted to be the leader of a nation, this game is right for you. It emulates and encourages the critical decision making process, training you to respond quickly to threats. If you are just a casual gamer looking for a nice game to get, this game is for you as well. It is a wonderful strategy game that is never the same each time you play it, and allows for fun to be had where fun was never to be expected. Personally, I never thought that it would be more fun to negotiate with people over boundaries than to just nuke them out right. This game is for everyone, and everyone should get their hands on it. Whether you get the game on sale or buy it for its normal price, this game is well worth the money and will provide months worth of entertainment. So, whether you are a new or old gamer, a person for nuclear war or against it, this game is for you.

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