Worms Clan Wars: My Love Letter to Team17

Worms Clan Wars is a recent title from Team 17, who have been after my heart ever since Worms 3d on the Gamecube and my experience with their older games playing with a friend on a handheld device in the warm Russian summer. Team 17 has the distinction of being one of the oldest indie developers, at 26 years. I wish them all the luck in continuing their quirky franchises.

For anyone who has played a Worms game, the setup will be familiar to you. Slightly awkward UI, ridiculous weapons, and destructible environments. If you haven’t played a Worms game, shame on you! They all (I believe) support local co-op and have ludicrously challenging campaigns. Though some are scarier than others.

Worms 3D on the Gamecube (I bring it up because I spent a LOT of time on it, and it is severely underrated,) had campaigns where you had to, sometimes literally, jump through hoops to even get a way to damage your opponents. When you did however, you felt like a god! It was a puzzle in a turn based shooter/brawler. The series is very unique.

Customize, brother! Customize!
Customize, brother! Customize!
Who to explode next?
Who to explode next?
All alone again...
All alone again…
Time for some righteous fury!
Time for some righteous fury!
And you get a bomb! And you get a bomb!
And you get a bomb! And you get a bomb!
A few fun toys to play with... more come later >:)
A few fun toys to play with… more come later >:)

This title has the same basic gameplay as all Worms titles do: All worms have health. You have a set time in which you can move around the battlefield, choose weapons, and whittle down the health of your opponents or send them into the drink for an instant kill. The addition of coins allows for strategic weapon buying, and different character classes have abilities (healing, more damage, faster speed, better grenades.) This adds some refreshing changes to the regular Worms model. The addition of dynamic water that hurts worms over time also added a layer of strategy to the game.

There have also been some graphical changes, such as the 2.5 D plane compared to earlier 2D titles.

At its core, however, this is the same game we saw in 1995, and that’s great! Team17 has continued to add interesting changes to their popular series, which has been a workhorse for the company for 20 years. There are few development studios that have such a long history. I raise my oversized cartoon bazooka to you, Team17! Let’s hope for another 20 years and more.

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