Warframe: Parkour, Shoot, then Slice-them-up

Hey everyone! Gonna be a quick one today, as I am going of to St. Louis to show a board game that I made tomorrow. Now onwards and forwards!


Warframe is a development of Digital Extremes, which was best known for comaking the Unreal series of games with Epic. The studio has chaned hands a few times and is currently owned by Sumpo Food Holdings Ltd, of all people.

Warframe is a free to play parkour action shoot and stab them up. You start at the beginning of a level, move through it killing various inteteresting alien races with varied cultures and backstories, get loot, and defeat a boss. Those familiar with Destiny will see a great deal of overlap between the two games. Warframe’s parkour elements really set it apart, however; you can play it as a standard shooter, or you can run around the varied environments like a lunatic.

Starting a level
Starting a level
Playing with friends!
Playing with friends!

There are some really cool Warframes (essentially living exosuit symbiotes) to pick as a starting class, and of corse there is paid DLC. It’s a free game though, and I have not hit a pay wall yet.

The enemies are interesting, playing with friends is fun, and the weapon choices are nicely varied. The obly criticism I have is that like any MMORPG, it can get grindy or repetitive. This is a problem I find with many MMOs, but I certainly had fun with Warframe and never felt like I had to spend money. Not a bad idea to support the developers if you like their game, but they don’t force you into it! For the price of free, and with amazing graphics and some very unique gameplay, it is worth a look.

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