Unturned: Voxel Sandbox Zombie Survival.

Unturned, by Nelson Sexton of Smartly Dressed Games (an appropriate title for the level of clothing customization in the game,) created this fun little free to play zombie survival sandbox adventure with crafting elements. This may sound vaguely familiar to many of you, but this cute voxel based game is very polished and fun to play, especially for a one man development team.

I, uh... I fell.
I, uh… I fell.
I had lots of loot though!
I had lots of loot though!
Does it count as looting if it's my own body?
Does it count as looting if it’s my own body?
A question for the ages.
A question for the ages.

The graphics are simple, but not simplistic. The sound design is the same, as is the combat. Everything in the game is done well enough to be functional, and the style allows for a player’s imagination to fill in the blanks. And it has multiplayer, so one can play with friends!

The combat can be a little derpy at times, as the zombie AI always goes for you if you are in a certain radius of them or make a loud noise. If you have, say, a katana, you can kite them and kill them- if you don’t run into an obstacle- without making a sound. If you are especially sneaky, you can come up behind them and kill them. They can take big chunks out of your healthbar, however, so be careful! Also, ammo is limited and guns make noise, which makes the survival part of this game actually relevant.

Another aspect of the game is hunger, thirst, and radiation. All of these are also valid ways for you to die in the wilderness, and searching for food and supplies will be important. The game is balanced such that you will have to wander and explore the cities and military outposts scattered about, and you will find goodies everywhere.

That tree looked at me funny.
That tree looked at me funny.
So did that pig.
So did that pig.
It may have been the berries though.
It may have been the berries though.
Don't do berries, kids! ... Where am I?
Don’t do berries, kids!
… Where am I?

There is also a crafting system, which gets fairly robust. You can build structures and farm, but the main focus seems to be on exploration. Many of the vehicles in the game work, so if you have fuel you can travel around quite quickly! The weapons are varied and exciting, such as the ever present chainsaw and katana. Or if you feel like RPing a famous undead killing character, a crossbow option is available. It is one of my favorites, as it is a silent ranged weapon with easily craftable ammo- sticks and nails.

My only gripe is the restrictiveness of the inventory sstem- you can only have four items unless you get a backpack, and I am a hoarder in survival games which makes this painful for me. It definitely increases the difficulty, which is the likely intention. For the entry price of free (and this is actually free, you can pay five bucks for special servers but it is not necessary to enjoy the game or play multiplayer,) this is definitely worth a look!

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Hi! I am Eugene Shenderov, and I am a starting game designer. You can find my website at www.thisandthatgames.com. Send me a message if you have any questions!

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