Overgrowth: Bunny Fighting Simulator

Overgrowth is a very meaty hand-to-hand combat title from Wolfire games. In Overgrowth, you play as an anthropomorphic (looks like a human) animal, often a rabbit, and have to parkour, stealth, and fight your way through a variety of levels. I have had a serious love hate relationship with this game; what is there is amazing, but there are a few flaws, which I will cover first.

Overgrowth got onto Steam Early access in 2013, and has had very sporadic development both before and after. I started playing an early alpha of the game in 2012, and got a Steam key when the game was released. The game modes have not changed since I started originally; there are a few levels which are not connected, challenges, which are fun, and three ‘campaign modes,’ only one of which has been implemented and involves fighting waves of enemies, I believe with no end. While the game is not in development hell- there was an update as recently as last week- but the development of the game has taken a very long time. Also, some levels still crash the game when you load them. I would normally forgive this of an early access game, but these levels have been there since pre-alpha. But now, onto what they have done well, which is a lot.

I'm ok.
I’m ok.

The aforementioned campaign mode is where I have spent a lot of time working on combat. The game tracks damage based on a bone structure within each creature, not hp; if you break a neck or cause massive brain damage, that is what will take out your opponent. The combat is brutal, fast paced, and requires a lot of skill to learn, despite the relative simplicity of the controls.

You can roll, jump, block, and punch/kick, and deciding what you want to do every fraction of a second will affect whether you survive or splat on the ground. This becomes even more hectic when weapons are involved, as you can survive a punch or two, but not getting cleaved in half with a broadsword.

The other significant elements of the game are parkour and level building.

Nice place!
Nice place!
He's just sleeping.
He’s just sleeping.
I done break me neck.
I done break me neck.

Every level you load into has an option to leave your character and start building stuff into the level. This allows for some intricate designs, and has created a lot of interesting user generated content. Many new levels have been made with this editor, and the most recent patch has made it easier to use. Many of these new levels work on the parkour elements present i the game, such as running, jumping and wall running. These parkour elements also flow very well into the combat.

The devs have also said that they will now focus on improving the game, so hopefully we will have a more finished product soon. I really want to recommend this game, but I can’t. Hopefully, after the next patch, there will be a full game there, but it is not yet polished enough. If you don’t mind that the levels are disconnected and just want to try the combat and build your own levels, you can try it out!


Polish: 3

Update Schedule: 2.5

Anthropomorphic Combat: 5

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