Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa): Alaskan Platforming

Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle-platformer made by Upper One Games, the first video game development company run by indigenous people in the United States. The game was published by E-Line media.

The puzzle-platforming is reasonably challenging; the game has 8 chapters, and is told as a story (with cutscenes in the style of tribal paintings.) The storytelling is great; the gameplay is pretty fun, and the art style is beautiful. Also, you can be a fox, which is one of the best things in gaming history.

Talking to an Owl Man
Talking to an Owl Man

The game’s stated goal is to teach about the Iñupiaq people of Alaska. This is done through the narrative, told by a village elder, and cultural videos that are unlocked as you play the game. The game does a great job of getting players to understand the oral tradition of the Iñupiaq people.

The gameplay is simple, but challenging. You switch control between the girl ad the fox, and each has different ways to traverse the terrain. This is used in every level to change up how you traverse; the puzzle part is figuring out how you get where you need to go.

The art is beautiful; the Alaskan wilderness is shown in its harsh winter beauty. The fox is adorable, and the art style is consistent throughout the game.

Overall, this is a neat little puzzle platformer. There are some areas that will frustrate you, especially when gusts of wind are involved, but overall the experience is worth it! The game’s mechanics may not be unique, but the experience certainly is.



Personal Game Scoring System:

(Scale of 1-5, one being a hot mess and 5 being amazingly well done)

Fun: 4

Polish: 3.5

Update Schedule: (Finished Product)

I’M A FOX!: 5

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