Limbo: Small Child, Scary World

Limbo, a 2D platformer by Danish developer Playdead, is an atmospheric puzzle platformer about a little boy who wakes up in a forest and goes to the right to find his sister. With well known mechanics and depth added to some simple actions, Limbo was an interesting title from 2010, well deserving of a retro review.

I'm sailing away...
I’m sailing away…
Hello friends!
Hello friends!
I feel totally safe right now.
I feel totally safe right now.

Whether the story of someone’s childhood dream, or a metaphor for someone’s relationship, or just a commentary on how they see the world today, Limbo does a great job of having a moody, terrifying atmosphere for their silhouetted protagonist. The sound in the game is minimal, so when you are killed by one of the man, many threats in the game it is even more poignant. If any of you haven’t tried this little atmospheric platformer, it is worth a look!

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Everything is Trying to Kill You: 5

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