Cities:Skylines, The Chillest or Most Stressful Game So Far

Cities:Skylines is the latest game from Finnish development studio Colossal Order, known to most, however, by the game’s producer:  Paradox Interactive. Cities:Skylines is a city building simulator with a couple of very interesting features and in depth strategy that will appeal to both hardcore city builders and casual players such as myself looking for a game to relax. Also, since the game designer is a Finnish studio, I maintain that this fits my theme of indie games despite the big name publisher 🙂

So many options! And I understand half of them!
So many options! And I understand half of them!
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Ok, water and electricity make sense...
Ok, water and electricity, makes sense…
And now to zone some areas...
And now to zone some areas…

The game does a good job of teaching its systems to a new player. The tutorial starts holding your hand, and then gets less and less frequent. It is tied to milestones in building your city, so the tutorial is set to the speed of each player separately. This is a much better tutorial than many games have given, and teaches the player the organizational skills they will need throughout the game.

The milestone used to unlock the next tier of buildings, zones, laws and services is population. As your population expands, you are able to build more and more interesting transportation networks, roads, buildings, offices and schools. All of these things cost money, which you get by taxing the different areas of your city: residential, commercial, industrial and, later, offices.

The best part of the game is building an elaborate road network and seeing how that affects traffic flow through your city. If you are a good planner, everything wil be done quickly and services will be fast and efficient. If you have major roadblocks, however, it slows everything down- as it would in a real city. (I’m looking at you, Washington DC traffic!)

There is not actually a great deal more to say. There is an amazing amount of mod support through the Steam Workshop, and the devs have even included versions of more popular mods into the game proper. An impossible dream of mine would be a combination between this, GTA V, and possibly Kerbal Space Program building and physics, but this would definitely be a wonderful functional element of such a monstrosity. I can heartily recommend this game, whether you want to chill and watch a city grow or want to feel like you are the mayor in the hot seat trying to expand your city in the best way possible.

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Building Horrid Traffic Jams From Which There Is No Escape: 5

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