Smite Has Released On Steam

Smite, one of the most popular MOBA games in recent history is being released for Steam.

Smite takes the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena format and applies it to popular mythological gods. It will be joining Dota 2 on the Steam platform.

“The time is right for SMITE on Steam,” said Todd Harris, co-founder and COO of Hi-Rez Studios. “The platform has evolved to include more quality free-to-play titles and, most importantly, better ways for users to discover them. Now is the best time yet to see what SMITE is all about, and we’re excited to make it even easier for the more than 125 million active users worldwide who call Steam home to dive in for free.”

The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre has exploded in recent years, fueled by the likes of Riot Games’s League of Legends, Valve’s Dota 2, and Blizzard’s Heroes of The Storm.

Also, Hi-Rez Studios has also release an offbeat promotional video announcing the launch.

Erik Larson
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