7 Songs That Will Bring Your 90’s Nintendo Childhood Back

Did you have a Nintendo childhood in the 90’s? Then you remember a simpler time, a time when controllers went from two buttons, to six, to however many that crazy winged shaped N64 controller had. Recently, I stumbled across the Rainbow Road song for the N64, and I was instantly transported back to intense duels late at night with my older brother. I’ve collected these 7 songs for you to listen to, so you can relive those glorious pixelated moments.

Also, as a sidenote, these make great soundtracks for your workday. I’ve compiled all these songs into a YouTube playlist, please subscribe to our channel while you’re there! Enjoy.

Rainbow Road – Mario Kart 64

Maybe it’s because Rainbow Road took 15 minutes to complete, but this song is forever in my memory. I hope it brings back memories of sweet jumps right after the starting line, and intense last minute battles for 2nd and 3rd (because 1st was always way ahead of everyone.)

Kakariko Village – Ocarina of Time

Remember when you first walked into this little village nestled in a canyon? Remember those chickens you just had to attack, no matter the outcome? Remember the windmill, the graveyard, and that creepy old guy? What about the Skulltula house?

Overworld – Super Mario World

This brings back memories of sitting with cousins and trying FOREVER to beat that one ship level. Few games hold up as well as this one, so I highly recommend going back and trying it out.

Bob-Omb Battlefield – Super Mario 64

I remember this was the moment this game blew my mind. When I loaded it up and I could walk around in 3D, I was ecstatic, but this was the moment when I realized there were tons of levels like this. Super Mario 64 is still one of my favorite memories.

Overworld – Link To The Past

It’s Link to the Past, what more can be said?

The Road To Lavender Town – Pokemon Red

For all you Gameboy owners out there, this should bring back memories of way, way too much time spent staring that incredibly tiny screen. Remember those lights they had for it?

Dino Domain – Diddy Kong Racing

Lastly, this is a more “Rare” title (see what I did there?) but it’s one that reminds me of wandering around an awesome overworld, searching for hidden treasures.

Again, I hope this brought you back, please share this with anyone you think will enjoy being thrown back to the time of Saved By The Bell, Boy Meets World, and after school specials.

Remember, these make great soundtracks for your workday. I’ve compiled all these songs into a youtube playlist, please subscribe to our channel while you’re there!

What other game soundtracks bring back memories for you?

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