Perception is Reality

November 3, 2015

Perception is reality in this first person puzzler developed by Pillow Castle Games. Museum of Simulation Technology, which is currently the working title of the game, is inspired by “forced perspective”, a camera trick, which makes things appear smaller or larger, depending on where the viewer is standing. In the game, this translates to being able to grab objects of any size and move them around, forcing them to grow…


Angry Birds Arcade

October 24, 2015

Hello dear readers!  I had a fun time getting stuck in a rainstorm a few weeks ago, and decided to take shelter in an arcade instead of driving in the craziness.  Rain makes desert dwellers crazy, believe me.  While there, I saw the previously mention  Time Crisis 5, which was an absolute surprise.  I also found another wonderful surprise: Angry Birds Arcade. A few months ago, I heard news that…


New TLoZ: Tri Force Heroes Trailer!

October 2, 2015

Hello fair readers!  Just a quick bit of news today.  Nintendo released a new trailer detailing more information about the next installment in The Legend of Zelda series, Tri Force Heroes!  There’s a tidbit of story explaining who you’re saving and why they’re important.  It seems a little vapid, but probably has some world shattering effect; we shall see. It also details a little bit about the multiplayer aspect, that…


Fox Releases New X-Files Trailer

October 1, 2015

Well, it’s back. In what will probably be called the Golden Age of Reboots, Fox has decided to bring back one of the most popular sci-fi TV series of all time, The X-Files. Today, they’ve released their first full trailer. Enjoy and remember, the truth is out there.


PS+ Game of the Month Review “Grow Home”

Threading the needle
September 17, 2015

As all PlayStation plus members know, every month Sony releases a few free games for paying members. These games are usually more obscure indie titles that can be hit or miss. I am here to give you a short, to-the-point review of the headliner PS+ game of the month. This month, PS+ members were gifted with Grow Home, a procedurally generated adventure game. Grow Home is a unique title that…


Stray Cat Crossing – the Cutest, Most Disturbing Game Ever Made

September 15, 2015

Stray Cat Crossing is best described as an adventure-horror, indie game, made by developers Jurlo and Jetpackgone. According to their website, they were inspired by other adventure type RPGs such as The Witches House and Ib. They also drew inspiration from works of literature and film, most notably Alice in Wonderland and Pan’s Labyrinth. I first came across the game a few months ago when I played the free demo…


Mario Maker Levels Coming to Smash Brothers

September 14, 2015

Super Mario Maker Lands September 30th Super Mario Maker, the level making game for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS platforms, will be able to make games for Super Smash Bros. Nintendo posted the video below announcing that it will arrive on September 30th. Here’s the tricky thing though… The levels will be generated randomly! It appears that you will be able to select a “Super Mario Maker” during stage-select on…


Jimmy Kimmel Catches Epic Hate for Insulting eSports

jimmy kimmel insults esports and gamers
September 1, 2015

Renowned funny-man Jimmy Kimmel is catching some epic hate from fans of eSports this week. That’s an understatement. A better way to say it is that he just stepped on the Bald-Faced Hornet’s nest of the internet by making fun of YouTube gaming and fans of “lets-play” videos. Well, as you can imaging, this group of passionate aficionados was not please to say the least. Watch the video after the…


7 Songs That Will Bring Your 90’s Nintendo Childhood Back

7 Songs That Will Bring Your 90's Nintendo
August 25, 2015

Did you have a Nintendo childhood in the 90’s? Then you remember a simpler time, a time when controllers went from two buttons, to six, to however many that crazy winged shaped N64 controller had. Recently, I stumbled across the Rainbow Road song for the N64, and I was instantly transported back to intense duels late at night with my older brother. I’ve collected these 7 songs for you to listen…