I am Bread?

August 29, 2015

    “Woah…. I am bread?” As I flop onto the table, a freshly sliced piece of bread, a glimmer catches my eye from across the kitchen. I have never noticed how inciting that stainless steel toaster has become, nor have I noticed this deep internal longing to be crispy. I tumble towards my destiny, busting up any plate, jar, or glass foolish enough to be caught in my path…


MINI REVIEW: Strategy Game Plague Inc. For Windows Phone

August 27, 2015

  We Windows Phone users are a rare breed. We are like the die hard fans that will forever root for the team that hasn’t had a winning season in 20 years. All of us have our reasons, most of them are not necessarily rational but that doesn’t matter. So when a major game  spreads to Windows Phone from Android and iOS, it is cause to celebrate. Enter Plague, Inc….


Deep Sea Adventure: Blub Blub Blub

August 11, 2015

How long can you hold your breath? My record is four minutes, but that was above water and I was super bored. Now imagine you are a deep sea diver and your air runs out. How long do you think you could hold your breath then? Deep Sea Adventure will help you answer that question, but believe me, the answer is a lot shorter than you’d like it to be….


Angry Birds 2! Yay?

August 3, 2015

Hello, fair readers, and apologies for being late!  I’ve been a little conflicted about how to write this.  Rovio has released a sequel to its 2009 smash hit, Angry Birds.  Thirteen (13!) spinoffs, license collaborations, and repackaged iterations later, Angry Birds 2 has finally come out, and it’s wonderful.  It’s like being handed a tray of delicious cookies. The Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Rovio has really made a wonderful, solid…


Pigeon Lovin’! – Hatoful Boyfriend

July 25, 2015

On a whim, and a sale, I bought Hatoful Boyfriend during the Steam Sale. I have played dating sims in the past, and had low expectations for one with such a strange premise. Seduce birds for you entertainment! It seemed shallow from the start, banking solely on the hopes of weird for sales. Hell, though, why not? Who am I to judge? I started up the game and immediately noticed…


Guns and Steel: From Dirt To Space

July 16, 2015

The knight crested the ridge, out of breath from lugging his heavy suit of armor up a steep hill. But his people needed protection, and duty outweighs comfort. As he regained his strength, his eyes focused on a small pair of soldiers in the distance. One soldier seemed to light a torch and touch it to the large metal tube next to the men. Before the knight could even realize…


Easy Breezy Travel Agency: Long Name, Great Game

January 19, 2015

I am a huge sucker for colorful board games, games that look like they were in the middle of the food fight from Hook, dripping with hues and shades that pop out of the dull backgrounds of store shelves. So when I saw the final box art for Easy Breezy Travel Agency, I was extremely disappointed. I was sad because behind that brown suitcase is a bright, happy, and cheerful…