NBA 2K16 “At the Line”

NBA 2K16_20151001210840
October 1, 2015

The time has come for the yearly iteration of NBA 2K. Commonly, 2K is met with criticism over their one year development cycle. Opponents of this development strategy argue that one year of development does not allow the game the opportunity to grow and improve year to year as all changes are small tweaks and not large overhauls.  This has most certainly been true of NBA 2K in the past…


Cute Things Dying Violently – For PC, Definitely Not PC

September 26, 2015

Hello dear readers! Sometimes I look at a game and think “Wow, no thanks.”  It’s crude, judgmental, and a frequent part of my game picking regimen.  Every once in a while, though, the universe decides to toss me a cupcake with “Suck It Up” scrawled across it, and this review is about just that.  A couple of weeks ago, I was told to review Cute Things Dying Violently, and my…


World’s Fair 1893 – A Kickstarter Preview

September 23, 2015

  The World’s Fair reminds me of huge spectacle and incredible innovation. Iconic landmarks and advances in technology have sprung forth at the Fair through the years, from the Eiffel Tower to the Space Needle. But the 1893 World’s Fair stands out above the rest in a big way: it just became a board game. Just ignore all of these other ones.  World’s Fair 1893 from designer J. Alex Kevern and…


Black Mesa: The Half-Life Port We’ve All Craved

September 21, 2015

  I open the two large, red doors and take a breath, knowing that I, low on health, will certainly die if I enter here. I walk down the the dark, damp corridor. My heart is pounding, chest heaving, brain throbbing as I stalk the hallway, waiting for anything to go– BZZT-BZZT-BZZT! Three Vortigaunts appear out of nowhere, shooting me with their green spheres of doom. Moving right, I dodge…


Bang! The Dice Game: Bang Bang, You’re Dead

September 18, 2015

  One of the first college classes I took centered on the study of Westerns in film. The Searchers, Shane, and High Noon filled up the screen and … I fell asleep during most of them. It wasn’t that those movies are boring; on the contrary, those movies are really great. I was just so tired from PARTYING SO HARD, BRO. Those days are behind me, but now I’ve found…


PS+ Game of the Month Review “Grow Home”

Threading the needle
September 17, 2015

As all PlayStation plus members know, every month Sony releases a few free games for paying members. These games are usually more obscure indie titles that can be hit or miss. I am here to give you a short, to-the-point review of the headliner PS+ game of the month. This month, PS+ members were gifted with Grow Home, a procedurally generated adventure game. Grow Home is a unique title that…


Stray Cat Crossing – the Cutest, Most Disturbing Game Ever Made

September 15, 2015

Stray Cat Crossing is best described as an adventure-horror, indie game, made by developers Jurlo and Jetpackgone. According to their website, they were inspired by other adventure type RPGs such as The Witches House and Ib. They also drew inspiration from works of literature and film, most notably Alice in Wonderland and Pan’s Labyrinth. I first came across the game a few months ago when I played the free demo…


Pokemon Shuffle is Still Evil

September 11, 2015

Pokémon Shuffle, now with more cash grabs!  Just what we always wanted! Hello, fair readers!  A while ago, I did a review on Pokémon Shuffle for the 3DS.  Nintendo’s foray into Freemium Land felt more like utter betrayal.  It was an abuse of the audience’s nostalgia (a very common practice) with a free-to-play model that wielded the demand for money like a fine whip.  It was horrible, manipulative, and I…


Coconuts Duo: Flinging Drupe

September 9, 2015

  As a kid, if I ever got a toy armed with spring-loaded missiles, those missiles would soon be lost in target practice against cups and other action figures. It was so cool to knock something over from a distance, even if it took fifty tries to make it happen. The flying projectile and the clatter of plastic brought lots of joy to what would otherwise be boring afternoons. But…


Poly Bridge: Can You Cross It?

September 1, 2015

Simulators now a days seem to be over saturating the market. Whether they’re about farming or absurdly flexible goats, most seem to be lacking any spirit or soul, but a new title from Dry Cactus called Poly Bridge changes that. Poly Bridge is a fun little bridge simulator that’s great for killing time when you feel smart enough to handle it. It may look like a kids games from a…