Toss 8-bit Kittens!

January 5, 2016

Do you like cats? Do you wish to be surrounded by cute graphics and the constant meowing of kittens? Then Cat-A-Pult might be just for you! Cat-A-Pult is a casual game developed by Tivola. It is free to play and available for download in the app store. The goal of the game is throw 8-bit cats on a platform and stack them as high as possible. If a cat falls off…


Pixel Dungeon

December 9, 2015

Pixel Dungeon is a pixel-art based, multi-platform, rogue-like adventure game and it is completely free to play. The purpose of the game is to explore the deepest, darkest, most dangerous depths and retrieve the Amulet of Yendor. There are no ads or micro-transactions, but there are ways to donate in order to support the developer. You can even use bitcoins. The game features four heroes: warrior, mage, thief, and huntress….


Slashy Hero – Halloween Adventure

November 16, 2015

It’s Halloween night and the Evil Mansion has stolen all the candy! It is up to you, Slashy the Hero, to reclaim all the lost candy and save Halloween! The purpose of the game is to collect as much candy as possible by making your way from room to room, destroying enemies. The game starts in a camp, which includes three portals and three NPCs. One of the NPCs offers…


Cute Things Dying Violently – For PC, Definitely Not PC

September 26, 2015

Hello dear readers! Sometimes I look at a game and think “Wow, no thanks.”  It’s crude, judgmental, and a frequent part of my game picking regimen.  Every once in a while, though, the universe decides to toss me a cupcake with “Suck It Up” scrawled across it, and this review is about just that.  A couple of weeks ago, I was told to review Cute Things Dying Violently, and my…


Storytelling in Games : Fallout Shelter

September 25, 2015

Overseer’s Log Day 30 we are a month since I took the position of Overseer for my dad. I expected more paperwork, he was always in here. Anyways. So, the year is. Uh, my last history book said 1955. So, would that make it like 1984? I don’t know what year it is. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. ~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526   Overseer’s Log Day 344 what…


Why Pokemon Go Will Be The End Of Me

September 14, 2015

  Let me be honest with you, the 8 year-old child in me is losing his mind over the concept of Pokemon Go. For those of you who have not heard, Pokemon Go is a mobile game coming to smartphones that has players capture, trade, and battle Pokemon using augmented reality. Nintendo is also creating a companion device for the app known as the Pokemon Go Plus. This device acts as a watch…


Pokemon Shuffle is Still Evil

September 11, 2015

Pokémon Shuffle, now with more cash grabs!  Just what we always wanted! Hello, fair readers!  A while ago, I did a review on Pokémon Shuffle for the 3DS.  Nintendo’s foray into Freemium Land felt more like utter betrayal.  It was an abuse of the audience’s nostalgia (a very common practice) with a free-to-play model that wielded the demand for money like a fine whip.  It was horrible, manipulative, and I…


Kickstarter Interviews: GameKid

September 2, 2015

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of indie games, some of which have become as successful as the AAA games from the major studios. My personal belief is that one of the biggest catalysts for this change in the market is Kickstarter. Kickstarter has provided a way for small studios and independent designers to present an idea, and get the funding to finish it. While there…


MINI REVIEW: Strategy Game Plague Inc. For Windows Phone

August 27, 2015

  We Windows Phone users are a rare breed. We are like the die hard fans that will forever root for the team that hasn’t had a winning season in 20 years. All of us have our reasons, most of them are not necessarily rational but that doesn’t matter. So when a major game  spreads to Windows Phone from Android and iOS, it is cause to celebrate. Enter Plague, Inc….


A Blizzard of Free

August 10, 2015

Do you think the current state of free to play gaming reflects the average gamers’ idea of what video games should be? Continually I find myself let down trying to find the right free to play game. These so called “video games” operate under the guise of a fulfilling game just one more micro-purchase away. Instead, they offer unbalanced game play structured so that those who pay more have a…