Kickstarter Interviews: Juul Arthur Ribe Rudihagen of Magination

December 15, 2015

Here at GFTN, we like to interview Kickstarter creators about their game and their game design process. I had the opportunity to interview Juul Arthur Ribe Rudihagen, CTO of Magination, a new game being funded on Kickstarter. What inspired you to create this game? The idea behind Magination started three years ago with Tobias playing with some coin magnets he got from an online store. Fascinated by the way they…


Kickstarter Interviews: Daniel Solis of Kodama: The Tree Spirits

November 9, 2015

Here at GFTN, we like to interview Kickstarter creators about their game and their game design process. I had the opportunity to interview Daniel Solis, game designer for Kodama: The Tree Spirits, a beautiful card game on Kickstarter. What inspired you to create this game?  I love using cards in new ways that you don’t normally see in card games. I was inspired by James Ernest’s Agora and Hisashi Hayashi’s…


Kickstarter Interviews: IronOaks Games ‘For The King’

for the king header
October 4, 2015

I had the opportunity to interview Gordon Moran, the art director for IronOak Games’s new Kickstarter, For The King. For The King is a turn based RPG based off IronOak’s designer Colby Young’s board game. What inspired you to create this game? For The King was inspired by our game designer Colby Young’s board game, The Black Gate.  It’s an homage to traditional RPGs and we wanted to bring back…


Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter Is Over: Raised Over $2 Million To Unlock Game Master Mode

divinity: Original Sin 2
September 30, 2015

  The hugely popular Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter has come to a close with $2,032,434 raised. The $2,000,000 mark unlocked the game master mode, which is a dungeon master type role, giving you the ability to build dungeons and throw in monsters as your friends play. “With the latest addition of Game Master mode, you’ll be able to craft your own dungeons and then control them as your friends…


GemPacked Cards- A Kickstarter Preview

GemPacked Cards
August 21, 2015

  Do you remember when Bejeweled came out and it took over every aspect of your life? No? Just me? I have a lot in common with birds, in that if I see something shiny I latch onto it and don’t let go. Bejeweled was better than real jewels, with shattering combos and shimmering matches flooding the screen without all the expense and moral ambiguity. Did they use blood diamonds…


Monster Allegiance – A Kickstarter Preview

July 25, 2015

In Monster Allegiance, players control a hand of mystical beasts and creatures with different strengths and weaknesses. Looking at the pixel art, it calls to my mind the early days of Pokemon, with scrawny lizards evolving into fire-breathing dragons to destroy other monsters. Each fighter has an element type (Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Lightning), Rarity, and strength values on each side of their card. Every element type of monster distributes…


Darkrock Ventures: Armageddon Reimagined

July 8, 2015

Space, the final frontier…for mining. After seeing a couple of games recently about space mining pop up (Super Motherload and Periorbis) on Kickstarter, I was worried that Darkrock Ventures from Magic Meeple and Gamelyn Games would get lost in the mix. But with my confidence in Michael Eskue, designer of Council of Verona, I broke out this colorful game looking forward to a grand time in the vacuum of space…


Easy Breezy Travel Agency: Long Name, Great Game

January 19, 2015

I am a huge sucker for colorful board games, games that look like they were in the middle of the food fight from Hook, dripping with hues and shades that pop out of the dull backgrounds of store shelves. So when I saw the final box art for Easy Breezy Travel Agency, I was extremely disappointed. I was sad because behind that brown suitcase is a bright, happy, and cheerful…