“The Grand Tournament” Hearthstone’s New Expansion and Our First Impressions

August 24, 2015

Today Hearthstone released a free expansion called the “Grand Tournament” containing a whole new set of cards as well as a card ability called inspire. The Grand Tournament expansion is centered on the heroes as the new card ability called “inspire” is activated through the use of hero powers.  So just how well does this new aspect of Hearthstone play into the existing game? In a game as strategic as…


Say Goodbye to the Gjallarhorn

August 20, 2015

  Fresh of the heels of Bungie’s Year 2 Destiny Reveal, the software giant enlightened Destiny players further on what to expect when the Taken King releases on September 15th. During their weekly update Bungie had mentioned a new system for upgrading Exotics during Year 2. Destiny’s new blueprint system allows players to access schematics for exotic weapons they have discovered. By accessing the blueprint station near the Hall of Vanguards,…


A Blizzard of Free

August 10, 2015

Do you think the current state of free to play gaming reflects the average gamers’ idea of what video games should be? Continually I find myself let down trying to find the right free to play game. These so called “video games” operate under the guise of a fulfilling game just one more micro-purchase away. Instead, they offer unbalanced game play structured so that those who pay more have a…


So, You Want to Build a PC? Part 2

August 8, 2015

In the first part of this article I wrote about how I got started on building my first PC. I reflected on the past, listed some of the resources I used and discussed why someone should try building one to begin with. In this second part I will write about the actual process and what it took to get it done. Let’s continue where I left off! Once I gathered…


So, You Want to Build a PC?

July 18, 2015

Short Reflection on the Past I remember when I was a child and first looked inside the belly of a PC tower; taking in the green circuit board, the RAM sticks, the power supply and all the other things I had no idea about. I was curious. I wanted to know how all the parts worked, but there was not really anyone or anything that could have helped me understand…


Limbo: Small Child, Scary World

Limbo, a 2D platformer by Danish developer Playdead, is an atmospheric puzzle platformer about a little boy who wakes up in a forest and goes to the right to find his sister. With well known mechanics and depth added to some simple actions, Limbo was an interesting title from 2010, well deserving of a retro review. Whether the story of someone’s childhood dream, or a metaphor for someone’s relationship, or…

June 16, 2015