Storytelling in Games : Fallout Shelter

Overseer’s Log Day 30

we are a month since I took the position of Overseer for my dad. I expected more paperwork, he was always in here. Anyways. So, the year is. Uh, my last history book said 1955. So, would that make it like 1984? I don’t know what year it is. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.

~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer’s Log Day 344

what the hell are the Vault doors made out of? 2 raids in 3 weeks! I thought those things were meant to take a nuke! I can’t even get Vince’s Vault Violators to the door before those vermin break in. awful lot of noise topside for the end of the world.

did Vault-Tec make that blast door out of soggy toilet paper? Maybe I should scrap and salvage the parts of the door that are still in tact. might help morale to have something to wipe their backsides with.

~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer’s Log Day 600

well, John’s first granddaughter was born. They named her Jessica. A good christian name.  Hold on, wait a second. I just looked through my logbook. The marriage ceremony was only 3 months ago. Oh, I know one recent father who just volunteered for the next Wasterun.

~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer’s Log Day 602

Nothing happened today. I don’t trust it.

~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer’s Log

Day 1200

Today I fulfilled the gravest of Overseer duties. Jessica’s husband, Christopher Fieldman, died. We are on year 3 of our tenure in the vault and the Overseer Network has yet to give the all clear. I heard 101 went dark. That’s D.C. right?

~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer’s LogScreenshot_2015-09-24-17-29-53

Day 1279

Samantha was hurt out in the wastes. she got back fine but I think she should retire to teach at the new school. I think Ill have Christopher Fieldman go on the next run. He seems like a smart kid.

~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer’s Log Addendum

Day 1279

10 minutes since my last log entry. I called for Christopher over the Vault-Tec intercom and got a very angry reply from my niece.


~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer’s Log Day 1500

My great niece, Jessica, is starting school today. I’m so proud of her, Sammy is a great teacher and knows so much about the wastes. Can you believe Jessica got into academy a year early? I didn’t even get into academy! Maybe she will be the next overseer!

~Grant Daveport, 10th Overseer of Vault 526


Overseer Log Day 1, 10, May, 2260 AD/183 ATE

Uncle Carson’s funeral was 3 days ago and I was voted unanimously to be the next Overseer. I hope to live up to his great expectations. Nobody will believe this but he actually kept all of his logs on paper and not computer! We have a huge 30 MB server right next to the new nuclear reactor! Silly old man.

Its going to take forever to get all of these old logs onto the server.

I saw something interesting. A special note in this huge old-fashioned notebook. It says “

Investigate 101”. Adam Johnson has been excited to try a wasterun since his 14th birthday last month. Maybe I should send him over.

~Jessica Fieldman, 11th Overseer of Vault 526.

Haile Carson is a student of game design from Taunton MA. He is the president and founder of his local game design club and has been a passionate fan of the medium for nearly 30 years.

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