Full Time Job / Part Time Stream

It takes time and effort to form a stream that could be one day professional. So what does one do in the mean time? Well, if you are anything like Kieran, you work a full-time job by day, and try to give the best stream you can by night.

Today on Behind the Streams, I’m chatting with Kieran, also known as KierzOfWar on Twitch.tv.


Full Time Job, Part Time Stream

I think it’s safe to say we all face Twitch.tv and streaming and think about the same thing; how cool would it be to live solely off the income of being a full-time streamer. Unfortunately, you can’t just drop everything and say “I’m going to be a famous full-time streamer” and get away with it. It takes months, or more likely years, to gain the things needed to become a full income streamer. So how does one try to make their hobby into a job?

Kieran works a full-time job during the day, and streams during the night. It sounds like a lot of time to dedicate between the two things, but he rather enjoys it!

Before streaming, I’d come home from work and game for long periods of time anyway, so streaming on top of that hasn’t really made a difference. I’m a passionate gamer, and will most likely play game for as long as I can.  

While other people can struggle to keep up between working a regular nine to five job, which I can honestly say I do struggle to do that, Kieran does it, then comes home to stream at least a couple of hours every night. While it doesn’t seem to change his schedule too much, he does say it can be a bit hard sometimes.

It can sometimes make my streaming harder, because I try to be as positive as I can on stream, and if I have a bad day at work, then it can make it more difficult to come across as being positive.

I think we have all had a situation where work has left us a bit on edge, and the slightest thing could push us over, but Kieran does try to make the best out of his situations. His streams are upbeat and fun to listen to and chat in, and he certainly tries to be very friendly and responsive with his chat.

Consistency is Key


Something we like to ask the people we interview is “Do you have any advice for new streamers?” Everyone is different but there are a few common principles that streamers tend to follow when they want to stay on the road to success, and I like to believe one of the most important principles is consistency. You can’t just stream 3 times a week, randomly, at times you choose, without any heads-up to your viewers, and hope it will be okay. There has to be some kind of consistency to what you’re doing and when you’re doing it, even if the when isn’t exact. You can say “I’ll be on Saturday sometime between six and eight and staying live for a few hours” and you’re still giving people a proper idea of when you will be streaming. Kieran shares a similar belief to this.

My one piece of advice in which I’ve learned from is to keep the consistency of your content up. Everybody is different, and has a story to tell, and if you want to build something from Twitch, keep the streaming going, and really show people who you are as a person.  

Because Kieran works full-time, he can’t say the exact moment he will be live, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a schedule.

I don’t think I have a traditional streaming schedule like a lot of streamers. I work full-time half 8 until half 5 all week with weekends off, so I have to work around that at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be able to stream full-time one day! I dedicate myself to streaming every single day, and have done since the beginning of my Twitch adventure.

To say you will be live everyday with few exceptions, starting around a certain time, is an excellent schedule, even if it isn’t exact. The most important part of a schedule and making sure you keep it, and if you can’t keep the schedule you made then you should broaden it. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I’ll be live around six” instead of saying “I’ll be live exactly at six.” Now of course, if you are going to say around six you shouldn’t show up at eight o’clock and expect a patiently waiting group of people ready to watch your stream as soon as it goes live.

Stream Info


I had a lot of fun chatting with Kieran, and I even had the pleasure of watching one of his streams as I did the article (Though, I don’t think he knew it was me at the time, which was fun for me) and he was very kind to everybody who was chatting. If you would like to watch Kieran on Twitchkierz you can view his stream at:

: KierzofWar

“I’m just a regular 21-year-old British gamer with an immense passion for gaming. I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember (like most hardcore gamers out there!), so I decided to start streaming my gaming adventures with the internet to see how it would go down. I started streaming back in March 2015, and so far the response has been incredible!” – Kieran”KierzOfWar”

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