Twitch is like Speed Dating

December 3, 2015

Meeting people like Adam reminds me why most of us get into streaming in the first place. First and foremost, we do it because it is fun. We do it because we have a passion for videogames. We do it because the people that stop by to watch find a little bit of comfort and familiarity in their day. Before you know it, we are streaming consistently and those regulars…


Behind the Streams – Trust the Cake

November 8, 2015

I am a firm believer in the phrase “Everyone has a story to tell.” Everyone has gone through things that have changed them. These past experiences add to a person’s own uniqueness. I made ‘Behind the Streams’ because I want to highlight these stories and show the gaming world that no two streamers are alike. They all have their own styles, their own backstories, and their own motivations for streaming….


Behind The Streams

November 2, 2015

Are you a streamer with a story? Want to share your experiences and what got you into streaming? Or do you have something that you believe sets you apart from other streamers? If you answered yes to any of these, then I am looking to interview you! My new series “Behind the Streams” is about sharing the stories and experiences of streamers. It is easy to see someone for the…


Warner Bros Offers Refunds for Arkham Knight

November 2, 2015

It appears that the Dark Knight has failed to rise on PC. After being pulled from Steam earlier this year, the game was relaunched on PC earlier this week. While some problems were addressed, many players have reported that many of the issues with the game still persist. Players have experienced a noticeable difference in frame rate that has caused the game to stutter and freeze at certain points. Because…


TwitchCon 2015 – Press Start!

October 2, 2015

This past weekend, the Mascone West Center in San Francisco was filled with purple from wall to wall for Twitchcon 2015. This was the first convention hosted by the game-streaming giant and it did not disappoint. I could give you an outside perspective of the things I observed but I opted to go for a more personal touch. I will be discussing TwitchCon in the style of a conversation between…


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Announced

September 15, 2015

  Back in my day videogame sequels were solid numbers! Not this decimal nonsense you kids are use to and let me tell you, we had to walk fifteen miles in the snow to get them too! All that aside, Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts II.8 as the Final Chapter leading up to the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. The game will include a high-definition remake of Kingdom Hearts Dream…


Why Pokemon Go Will Be The End Of Me

September 14, 2015

  Let me be honest with you, the 8 year-old child in me is losing his mind over the concept of Pokemon Go. For those of you who have not heard, Pokemon Go is a mobile game coming to smartphones that has players capture, trade, and battle Pokemon using augmented reality. Nintendo is also creating a companion device for the app known as the Pokemon Go Plus. This device acts as a watch…


Fallout 4 Season Pass Announced

September 9, 2015

  As we get ready to start up our pip boys and enter the wasteland once again this November, Bethesda has announced an “All Access Season Pass” for Fallout 4.   The season pass will launch alongside the game in November and will include all future DLC for the game. This is in addition to free updates and mod support that has already been announced.   Bethesda stated “since we’re still…


Fallout Monopoly Announced For November 2015

September 3, 2015

  It’s time to rejoice Fallout fans. Earlier this morning Bethesda announced via their Twitter account that the franchise will be getting its own Monopoly collector’s edition. When #Fallout4 monopolizes family time, you can always bust this out (coming soon!) — Fallout (@Fallout) September 3, 2015 The table-top game will be released in November to coincide with the release of Fallout 4. Currently the Fallout Monopoly Collector’s Edition has been announced…


What Assassin’s Creed Taught Me About Life

rsz_ac_1 (1)
September 1, 2015

  Now you may think this post is about how Assassin’s Creed got me involved in parkour or in the assassination of high profile targets. But the truth of the matter is that I already knew how to do those things long before Assassin’s Creed was ever made. No, this story is a little deeper. “I totally knew how to do this already” In the Assassin’s Creed short animated film Embers,…